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Published: 18th December 2009
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foreclosure surplus
Foreclosure Surplus System
From the Desks of:
Troy Spencer and Shawn Buige

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur:
We don't think it's any secret that the government holds an incredible amount of money, in the form of surplus or excess funds. It's also no secret that there are methods for getting that money out of the government's accounts and into your account! BUT, you need to know where the money is and how to get it!
You could have the most amazing investigative powers, and a team of researches at your disposal, but without knowing where to start looking for the money, and how to get it out, its just interesting information.
Now imagine for a moment that you had a tested, proven 'treasure map' that showed you how to find the money and how to get it into your name.
Think that would take your income to another level? You're right, it would...
But, aside from trying to be a 'finder' and having to jump through regulatory hoops, always wondering if you were getting the money legally, there hasn't been a proven, simple way to find and get these mountains of cash.
Until now that is... yes ... what once was impossible is now easily achieved. And what we're about to share with you will have a bigger impact on your financial future than anything else you have ever seen online.
Do you wish you could:
- Find a secure incredible blocks of money - we've personally found some over $100,000! - simply, easily and quickly?
- Operate a business that will allow You to call the shots and has no ceiling on your income?
- Have access to Decades of files, where you could literally pick and choose what to take?
- Actually help other people while you are creating personal wealth?
If you said yes to any of these, then we have good news for you, because in just minutes from now, you're going to learn about a proven, tested, guaranteed system that allows you to do all of this and more, quickly and easily, literally allowing you to flood your bank account with surplus funds that have no statute of limitations and are constantly being added to.

Okay, Just Because its There, That Doesn't Mean You Can Get It, Right? WRONG!

Finally, We Show You How to Get The Money, regardless of how long its been since it was put in there!

So are you ready to get the most powerful system for recovering surplus funds EVER CREATED?
To witness, firsthand, how you can practically make it rain money?

And here's why you need the System: Thousands of people, every day, walk by the files that contain these funds. They have no idea what the surplus funds accounting sheet means. Even folks that have seen the disbursement sheet have no idea that this money can be obtained, in their name, completely legally! This is the top of the list for ways to get money, and to do it quickly.
Folks have tried and been declined from the court or gotten into trouble for trying methods that don't work.
Troy spent Thousands upon Thousands of Dollars, 2 Years of Research and Went through 3 Attorneys to Discover the Document that Makes it Possible to Legally Extract These Funds. One of the Attorneys told Troy he was 'Chasing Windmills'.
BUT, we want you to know that there is an answer - Getting Huge Blocks of Money Using our Copyrighted E-Book.

Where Does All This Money Come From?
Surplus Funds - also called Excess Proceeds - comes from excess money left over at a foreclosure sale - bank or tax lien sale foreclosures. Let's say a home sells for $150,000 and the bank is foreclosing on a mortgage of $100,000. Where does the $50K go?
The bank can't keep it. That would set up a profit motive for banks to foreclose on folks. Its owed to the person who got foreclosed on. So why don't they get it?
The clerk of the court at your local court house (the type of foreclosure determines the funds' location) will get a check for any surplus funds and then will put that money in an earnest money account attached to the file. The clerk's office does not have the time, resources or energy to track down the individual entitled to the surplus monies collected. So the money sits in an earnest money account.
Why Don't The Folks Just Call the State and Get the Money Back?
If it was that easy, there would be no need for our system.
First, when folks get foreclosed on, they have no idea that there may be excess funds owed to them. They're in survival mode, just trying to start over.
Second, the State's don't have a 'clearing house' for that money. Don't mistake these for unclaimed funds - completely different animal.
Finally, you can't just walk into the court house with your palm open - even if you are the person entitled to the funds. You have to follow a legal process.

How Does Our Gold Mine System Work?
How Can I Make Serious Money Using It?

The process and concept is VERY simple.
Using the E-Book, you can easily identify the surplus funds and determine the actual amount in surplus status.
Then Using a simple form - that can be used in all 50 States - YOU CAN OBTAIN THE FUNDS!!

Think extra $ - in as little as 30 days - could help your bottom line?
We can almost hear you saying, 'You're dxxx right it would!'

The System Works For Anyone Regardless of Background, Education, Etc..
You can start making money almost immediately. Its so simple we tested it on a 12 Year Old and They Found $30,000 in 30 Minutes with Just a Paragraph's Worth of Instruction on How to Find It! Yep, one of the easiest ways to get money...

I Hear You, But Houses In Foreclosure Now are Selling For Less Than What's Owed...
In most cases, right now, you're right! But, Guess What? The files go back 20 - 30 - even 40+ years, and the Money is Still Sitting There! There is No Statute of Limitations on the Money!!

Why is This System More Powerful Than Anything You've Ever Seen?
First - No one is doing this, this way.
Second - No one even knows about this.
Third - We take you through the entire process!

What You Get:
1. A true 'treasure map' showing you how to find the files - not easy without our directions!
2. A Step by Step Guide for Securing the Money in Your Name.
3. The information sheet we use when we identify the blocks of money.
4. Data and resources for determining the best years of files to search for surplus.
5. The Document That Allows You To Get the Money!!

FREE Enrollment in Our Weekly Blog - We Take You By the Hand in a Question/Answer Format! Blog Starts 10/30/2009
That's Right - Ongoing Support!
Failure is Not an Option With Our System

We Are Just Now Launching Our System -
Let's Look at Some Testimonials We've Already Received -

Michael K, Utah -
'You guys are on a whole different level! I expected a re-hash of finder techniques but this is way different, and way more potentially lucrative.'

Shirley W, in Texas -
'I can't wait to quit my job and my granddaughter is going to be my partner in this. I'm tired of punching in and my granddaughter got laid off - this is the perfect job for her and I!'

Judy T, in North Carolina -
'I thought this was too good to be true. BUT its not - I found $105K+ my first trip to the Gold Mine. I'm starting to work on that now. YOU GUYS ROCK!'

So are you ready to get the most powerful system for recovering surplus funds EVER CREATED?
To witness, firsthand, how you can practically make it rain money?

Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee -
Here's the Deal...
We guarantee that the E-Book is true and correct and can be used to find, secure and obtain huge blocks of money.
Yes, We Guarantee it!

Your success is only limited by your own desire...
Honestly, after what you've seen with actual blocks of money, and the testimonials of the lucky few to get the first glimpse, we don't think the decision should be all that difficult.
With our system, you could create your desired income on your terms.
Take bold action right now.
Get the proven Gold Mine System and change your life!
Your success is only limited by your desire - do you desire success?

The Time to Act is NOW.
$47 Introductory Rate! No Upsell, Nothing More to Buy!
One Time Cost, NOT monthly!

foreclosure surplus system!

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